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Technology Enablement

T&C’s IT services have in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the FMCG industry, providing first class IT support facilities and processing valuable information for suppliers and customers. The IT infrastructure has evolved with the growth of the business and T&C IT have remained abreast of prevailing international technological advancements in Information Technology. Changing trends and needs in the FMCG industry require that software and systems need to be flexible and responsive. These demands are addressed by T&C’s own, very competent team of experts, responsible for in-house program customisations to our business system software.

All T&C branches and depots are connected over a high speed data network and transactions are recorded live and in real-time. This enables the business to act decisively, to communicate and to ensure that the highest levels of service are maintained at all times. In addition to online B2B (EDI) order processing, to respond to the needs of customers calling their orders in by telephone, T&C Telesales operators attend to on-line enquiries, advising customers about stock availability and prices. Orders are taken on-line and queued by the system for picking in the warehouse and scheduling for dispatch and delivery.

Sales & Merchandising

As a Sales driven company we pride ourselves in our sales team and efforts. Over the years as the company grew and the Principal (clientele) base grew, various divisions were established within the Sales department to ensure that our principals receive the deserved attention and dedication at all times. The Sales department is made up of the Sales Director leading the team. Assisting the Divisional Managers and Brand Managers. Reporting to the Divisional managers are Key account managers (Brand Managers) specifically assigned to look at the various Principals. Sales representatives within the divisions are looking after principals  in the trade including the Merchandising.

T&C also offers the Merchandising function, the action of promoting the sale of the goods, specifically through the presentation in retail outlets. Merchandising assist with execution that goes into the planning and promotion of sales, by presenting a product to the right market at the proper time, by carrying out organized, skillful advertising, using attractive displays, etc.

With the various Sales Divisions each division has their own Merchandising team focusing on the brands within that specific division. This ensures detail and dedicated focus for every brand.

Logistics and Distribution

All Customers throughout Namibia are serviced through weekly deliveries, via an outsourced fleet of 60+ vehicles across the network:
Windhoek Customers receive deliveries within 48 hours.
Rural Customers receive deliveries within 72 hours.

Through our dedicated 3PL service provider, Rennies Logistics, we can offer below services.

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