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Caring for Our Community –

"T & C Caring for our Community" Drive Donates Continuously.

Our recent donations went to:

Katutura East Constituency

Through the Khomas Regional Council, donated various boxes

of cleaning materials, hygiene products & foodstuff to the Katutura East Constituency for distribution to the elderly and less fortunate.

Ms Claudine Mbinaune Kambatuku , one of T&C's Merchandisers:

Claudine, one of our Merchandisers was very unfortunate as her house was destroyed by

fire, and she had nothing left to start anew. The Katutura East Constituency Taeuber & Corssen and staff members together gathered

items to assist in distress.

She received cash, a stove, kettle, water canister, an iron, clothing, various foodstuffs, and

hygiene-and cleaning products. We wish her success in finding a new home.


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