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We are passionate about FMCG

The Taeuber & Corssen (T&C) is Namibia’s premier provider of quality consumer goods to a wide variety of retail businesses since 1920. T&C has a countrywide footprint and coupled with distribution, sales, marketing and merchandising services represents major international and local product brands. From wholesale, warehousing, retail, hospitality and supply chain management, we have all your needs covered.

1. Vast Experience

We’ve been in the trading and sales business since 1920.

2. Strong Ties

Longstanding relationships with trusted brands and vast experience in FMCG distribution, marketing and merchandising

3. Modern Infrastructure

Well-equipped facilities, modern FMCG transport solutions, state-of-the-art systems.

4. Skilled Teams

Dedicated and highly skilled people who are passionate about FMCG.

Why US

A countrywide footprint with depots in most major towns makes deliveries easier and cost effective.


We have one of the largest variety of Fast Moving Consumer Goods within Namibia! We work closely with top brands across the world to bring Namibia a variety of quality goods. Our Warehouses is able to stock and distribute these products to the whole of Namibia!

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